Funny Bloopers and Mistakes by Native English Speakers

This section has a lot of pages of funny mistakes and bloopers from Native Speakers. Bushisms, funny test answers and student mistakes, courtroom bloopers, church bulletin mistakes, doctor bloopers, and a whole lot more.

Funny Student Bloopers:
Funny test answers pics: Pictures of funny student exam, quiz and test answers
Funny Kids’ Mistakes about the Bible
Funny Student Science Test Mistakes
World History According to Students
Funny School Excuse Notes
Funny Quiz Answers

Funny Newspaper Bloopers
Funny Classifieds Mistakes
Funny Newspaper Headlines
More Funny Headlines
More Funny Headline Bloopers
Funny Newspaper Classified Ads- Page One

Funny Sports Quotes bloopers
Top 10 Dumb Sports Quotes & Bloopers of All Time
Stupid Sports Quotes, Bloopers and Dumb Mistatements
Funny Sports Bloopers: Dumb quotes by athletes and sports celebrities

Church Bulletin Mistakes
Funny Church Bulletins and Announcement Mistakes and Bloopers
Funny Bulletin and Church Service Announcement

Courtroom Bloopers
Funny Courtroom Mistakes
Funny Courtroom Mistakes
Funny Courtroom Mistakes

Other Funny English Bloopers too Close to Home
Pictures of Funny and Dumb Signs
Funny letters to landlords
Funny Auto Insurance Claim Excuses
Funny Letters to Government Agencies
Funny Ad Campaign Blunders
Funny Resume Mistakes
Funny Doctor Chart Bloopers

Bush Quotes and Bush Bloopers of 2004
Bush Quotes and Bush Bloopers of 2005
Top 10 Funniest Bushisms of All Time
Top 10 Bushisms of 2006
Top 10 Bushisms of 2006
Funny Bush Quotes from 2006
Best Funny Bushisms
Funny Bushisms: The Funniest, Saddest and Scariest Mangled Statements
Where Wings Take Dream
Where Wings Take Dream

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