Pictures of Funny and Dumb Signs

Diesel Fried Chicken

Yum! You gotta love that DFC. But it can give you a little gas.

Falling rocks?

I feel sorry for the guy in the Smart Car that stopped to get a closer look at that little warning sign.


They should try to find a shop that can fix that.

Danger ahead. Fasten seatbelts and remove dentures.

Those Disneyland ride caution signs are starting to go too far…

Please do not throw odds and ends into the pond.

That’s why I came in here to throw them down the sink.

Let are kids walk!

If you are going to argue that your kids should be allowed to walk across the stage for high school graduation even though they didn’t pass their exams, it might help your cause if you had the correct spelling of all four words in your protest sign.

Keep Right

Oh, I get it. They just had the sign upside down. Turn your computer monitor upside down, and then the sign really makes sense. Careful… Hey is that a big spider on your monitor?

Caution! No warning signs.

Um, that’s cuz they spent all their money on signs explaining that there aren’t any.

Now hiring all shits.

I guess an employee quit and got the F out of there.

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19 thoughts on “Pictures of Funny and Dumb Signs”

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!
    Its like, so weird !! I cant beilieve that they spelled “r” wrong! HOW DUMB!!!! they said its spelled are! THAT IS LIKE, IDIOTIC!!!!!

  2. I’ve seen the ódd and ends in the pond’before in China, here are a few more (some from train toilets, some from other places – for some, I don’t actualy know what they mean!).

    1) No occupation while stabling (train toilet – I think it’s ‘don’t use while train is in station’)
    2) Please deposit deliver (train toilet – probably ”please flush the toilet’)
    3) Fly from heart (on a road in China – think it’s a route around the centre of the city?)

  3. ya i noticed that only she could read that sign jamie!!! wow even more irony!! cant believe this lol FUNNY!!!

  4. You’d think taht if that lady wanted her kid to walk, you think she’d whip out the dictionary so she could spell “our” right.

  5. Wow, I don’t even think that lady would own a dictionary. And perhaps she doesn’t understand that you have to pass before you can graduate, so if the children didn’t pass, they technically shouldn’t be at the graduation in the first place.

  6. Maybe the sign’s turned around because she realized she spelled “our” wrong, and the other side is correct??

    Maybe we need to be less critical of each other.

  7. wow im with my friend looking at this pics they is dumb and then some is a little funny….lol..!!! NEED MORE PICS THOUGHT!!!!!

  8. Maybe some of you who are critical of others’ spelling should check your own spelling before pressing “Submit Comment”.

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