The Most Boring Websites on the Web

There are now officially 100 Gazillion sites on the web. That’s a lot of sites. I’ve taken the liberty of posting some of the least interesting ones here.

Hey, you’ve been warned. You will never get the next 15 minutes of your life back. – A collection of strange and weird blogs on the web. Practically empty when I saw it but I liked the concept.

This site talks about natural cures and natural herbal supplements link Gingo Biloba, etc.

Here are three interesting blogs, worth checking out.,, and

Graphic design and photoshopping work: I use Jay for various logo, and photoshop projects. He does amazing work fast and cheap, so I thought I’d mention him on this links page…

Stopping hair loss is difficult. But is it possible? what are the best ways to stop balding?
Dice stacking is the new thing. pretty amazing too watch…

Brown seaweed extract also called fucoxanthin, for losing weight fast

Personal finance:
Personal loans online

Fast loans for emergency cash

Home equity loans at the lowest rates

Download free legal forms and rental agreements and contracts. This site has about every legal form you could ever need, except the one required to buy more legal forms…

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