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Funny English Bloopers & Mistakes

Stupid and Funny Warning Labels and Product Instructions

You’ve probably seen some of these classic dumb, stupid and funny warning labels and product instructions before. Some are painfully obvious, some don’t quite master the English language, and others are unintended double meanings… Most are pretty darn funny. So, in case you missed any, here is a collection of the stupidest and funniest warning [...]

Funny Bloopers and Mistakes by Native English Speakers

This section has a lot of pages of funny mistakes and bloopers from Native Speakers. Bushisms, funny test answers and student mistakes, courtroom bloopers, church bulletin mistakes, doctor bloopers, and a whole lot more. Funny Student Bloopers: Funny test answers pics: Pictures of funny student exam, quiz and test answers Funny Kids’ Mistakes about the [...]

Pictures of Funny and Dumb Signs

Diesel Fried Chicken Yum! You gotta love that DFC. But it can give you a little gas. Falling rocks? I feel sorry for the guy in the Smart Car that stopped to get a closer look at that little warning sign. Alignment They should try to find a shop that can fix that. Danger ahead. [...]

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