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More Funny Limericks- Sent in by you.

These funny limericks were written by and sent in by Albert Van Hoogmoed. Thanks Albert for sending them in. If anyone else would like to send in some original limericks, please feel free. “Skinny No More” There once was a fellow named Sarge who married a psychic named Marge. The weight soon appeared, and just [...]

Funny Valentine’s Day Poems and Sweet Valentine’s Poems

Here are some funny Valentine’s Day poems and sweet Valentine’s poems. (Poems By InnocentEnglish.com) Just for tonight? We’ve been friends for quite a while, And so far that’s all we’ve been But we’re both free and it seems to me, It might be worth a spin. So if you’re game, just say my name, And [...]

Funny Redneck Jokes: Haikus: Heart-Touching Poetry from the Trailer Park.

Here are some really funny redneck jokes: Ahhh, the haiku. Few poetic styles evoke such stirrings of the soul. Someone sent me these lovely and heart-touching red neck and trailer park haikus. I’m happy to give proper credit to the talented poet or poets who so beautifully capture the heart of [...]

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