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List of Top Ten Reasons to go to Work Naked: Top 10 Reasons to Work Naked Joke

Work can be so tedious. Day in and day out, the same reports, the same tiny cubicle. Icons in cornflower blue and TPS reports. Coming to work naked would definitely spice up the day, wouldn’t it? I wonder if you could get away with it on a Casual Friday. It would have to be on [...]

Top Ten Things You Never Hear In Church Joke: List of the Top 10 Things One Never Hears in Church

Zzzzzz….snrk, huh wha? Oh yea ….amen. Church can make me sleepy at times, no offense. I grew up in a religiously church going family (no pun intended) and still go with them when I visit home. I’ve heard practically every variation of a sermon possible at this point and after a while it all just [...]

Top Ten Signs Your Amish Teenager Is In Trouble: Top 10 Joke

Rebellious teenagers are always trouble to their parents. After all, the parents devote their entire lives to passing on one set of values, only to have it be rejected for another set. Right or wrong is a whole different subject, but one can only hope that the right values stick despite the throwing off of [...]

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