Paris Hilton Police Cruiser Transcripts:

These are verbatim transcripts of pull overs of Paris Hilton, transcribed from Police Cruiser Forward Microphone recordings. The transcripts were released under the Freedom of Information Act, from Los Angeles County court records.

Paris Hilton Police Transcript 1: March 3, 2007

Officer: Good evening.

Paris: Well it isn’t NOW!

Officer: Can I see your license please?

Paris: Hey, aren’t you that cop that gave me those verbal warnings last week? Looks like you’ve had a few donuts since then though.

Officer: Um, I don’t think I’ve stopped you before ma’am.

Paris: Well, I’m sure you would remember. I’m ME!

Officer: Also, frankly ma’am, I don’t really appreciate the donut jokes. Police officers sometimes spend time at 24 hour restaurants, including donut shops, during the night shift because they are centralized locations where we can mobilize quickly.

Paris: Sorry, but I kinda tuned out after “I”. So what’s the problem officer? I mean, besides your hair. Not hot.

Officer: Do you know why I pulled you over?

Paris: Autograph? How sweet!

Officer: Do you know how fast you were going?

Paris: Now how am I supposed to see the thermometer when my sweet widdle puppy is sitting on my sweet widdle lap?

Officer: Miss Hilton, you were going 25 miles over the speed limit.

Paris: Really? You know, this is all partly my fault, really. I forgot to plug in my radar detector again.

Officer: What’s your hurry tonight?

Paris: I was just trying to keep up with traffic.

Officer: There’s no one else on the road.

Paris: Yeah, that’s how far behind I was! And now I’ll have to try even HARDER to catch up

Officer: I’m gonna have to give you a ticket.

Paris: You’re very handsome for someone as big as you are.

Officer: I’m still gonna have to give you a ticket.

Paris: There’s nothing I can do to change your mind?

Officer: No ma’am.

Paris: Then hurry, donut ass. You are like SO wasting my life.

Paris Hilton Police Transcript 2: March 8, 2007

Officer: Miss Hilton, this is a 65 MPH highway. Why are you going so slowly?

Paris: 65? All the signs I saw said 22.

Officer: That’s not the speed limit, ma’am. that’s the name of the highway you’re on.

Paris: Oh! Silly sexy me! Thanks for letting me know. I’ll be more careful from now on.

Officer: Excuse me, but is that Britney Spears? And is that Lindsay Lohan?

Paris: Yes, we’re just taking a trip in one of my new SUVs. We haven’t really been drinking that much or anything.

Officer: You girls alright? You look pretty shaken up.

Paris: Oh, well that’s probably because we just got off that mountain road, Highway 129.

Paris Hilton Police Transcript 3: March 12, 2007

Officer: Miss Hilton, this is the third time you’ve had a traffic violation in 1 week!

Paris: Well, why did you stop me this time?

Officer: I didn’t ma’am, the tree did. It’s nice you wanted to take your dog into the park, but usually walking works better for everyone. Have you been drinking?

Paris, Sure lot’s of times. Haven’t you?

Officer: Have you been drinking TONIGHT?

Paris: Um, if you arrest me, can I take the fifth?

Officer: So you are using the right to remain silent?

Paris: No, I mean the fifth of vodka there in the back. I was just minding my own business, looking for it, when that stupid tree hit me.

Officer: Can I see your license?

Paris: Not unless you have xray vision, silly!. It’s in my purse.

Officer: Can you get it for me please?

Paris: Sure. Can you hold my beer a sec, Sweetie?

Officer: I’m afraid I’m going to have to take your license.

Paris: Oh that’s ok. I had a few extras made just in case. Your cute!

Officer: Can you get out of the car ma’am?

Paris: I have no idea.

Officer: Can you try please?

Paris: Sure. But I’m just gonna sleep for a while first, ‘kay? Are you gonna hand me the vodka or not?

Officer: Please stay in your car ma’am. I’m going to request some back up and a tow.

Paris: That’s so weird. Why the hell do you need another toe?

Paris Hilton Police Transcript 4: March 13, 2007

Officer: Hello there, ma’am. Could I see your license please?

Paris: Jesus! I wish you cops would get it together! You just took away my license yesterday, and now you expect me to show it to you? WTF! Not hot!

Paris Hilton Police Cruiser Transcripts (C) 2007,

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