Paris Hilton Police Cruiser Transcripts:

These are verbatim transcripts of pull overs of Paris Hilton, transcribed from Police Cruiser Forward Microphone recordings. The transcripts were released under the Freedom of Information Act, from Los Angeles County court records. Paris Hilton Police Transcript 1: March 3, 2007 Officer: Good evening. Paris: Well it isn’t NOW! Officer: Can I see your license … Read more

Paris Hilton Jokes: Funny Jokes about Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Britney Spears

Paris Hilton Joke #1: The Banana Company Q. Why were Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie fired from their “Simple Life” job at a banana company? A. They threw out all of the bent ones. Paris Hilton Joke #2: Paris walked into a library… Paris walked into a library because she wanted to experience something new. … Read more