American Bulldog Puppy Pics and Info: Pictures and information about the American Bulldog Dog breed

 Cute American Bulldog Puppy It wasn’t long ago that the American Bulldog almost went the way of the buffalo. The staunch efforts of one man helped to bring the breed back and make it as popular as it is today. John D. Johnson led to effort to bring American Bulldogs back after World War II. Today, American Bulldog puppies are some of the most popular puppies on the market.

American Bulldog puppies are very small, but they can grow to be huge animals. They are desirable by many folks because of their strong, athletic build. Though the American Bulldog puppies might seem stocky, they are extremely muscular and possess the ability to perform with the most athletic dogs in the world. Many people like to think that American Bulldogs possess all of the best traits of the Pit Bull Terrier, without all of the unnecessary aggression that has plagued that breed.

American Bulldog puppies are an excellent addition to any family, regardless of whether there are young children in the family or not. They are happy, friendly puppies who love people and love to play with other dogs. Though their look might seem surly and unfriendly, they are really some of the nicest dogs that you will come across. Though the household cat might run into problems if he meets up with your American Bulldog, small dogs and other pets will be fine as long as they are raised alongside your puppy. In general, the American Bulldog puppy minds its own business and just likes to see everyone happy.

One of the top qualities of the American Bulldog is the fact that it is extremely loyal and faithful. Many folks find that their puppy grows to be a huge part of the family. It expects to be included in the family’s activities, just as a child might. In addition, American Bulldog puppies can be trained to be friendly towards strangers, although their original temperament causes a different attitude.

Because of their size, American Bulldogs can fall victim to hip dysplasia. This problem occurs in many large dogs and its existence is largely random. Proper exercise can help to keep dogs away from this condition, though. Beyond that, heart problems are common with the American Bulldog breed and it is not recommended for novice dog owners.

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