Celebrity Oops

Here are some of the most famous celeb oops moments ever recorded… Jessica Simpson, Brittney Spears and a lot more. Some of the funniest and most embarrassing celebrity oops moments are here.     Celebrity Oops:   “I’m not anorexic. I’m from Texas. Are there people from Texas that are anorexic? I’ve never heard of … Read more

Funny Celebrity Bloopers, Slips, Stories & Confessions of Most Embarrassing Moments

    These are a few of the best funny celebrity bloopers, slips and stories:     One day on the set of Tomorrow Never Dies, Pierce Brosnan confronted Teri Hatcher about her tardiness. “I let slip a few words which weren’t very nice,” he recalled. Only later did he learn why Teri was late: … Read more

Funny Celebrity Bloopers, Slips and Quotes

    Some of the funniest celebrity bloopers and quotes:     Classic Arnold: “The difference between Sly Stallone and me is I am me and he is him.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger Honorary Doctorate: “I have an honorary doctorate at, uh.. oh god, where is it, some college [the University of Massachusetts at Amherst].” – … Read more