The Funny Quiz Answers: Answers to The Funny Quiz. A walk through.

Here are The Funny Quiz Answers, Cheats and a Walkthrough. So thanks to Quince and some other commenters, we now have the full and complete answers, cheats and walkthrough for The Funny Quiz.    I noticed the other night that – suddenly- a lot of you are coming to my site looking for answers to “The Funny Quiz” … Read more

Funny test answers pics: Pictures of funny student exam, quiz and test answers

    These are images and pics of real student exam and test answers, quiz responses and essays.     Funny Essay Test Answers #1: Influencian Person in World War 2: Jimmy McPerson     Funny Essay Test Answers #2: Biography of Walt Whitman     Funny Essay Test Answers #3: El Nido is Spanish … Read more

Funny Quiz Answers

 IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR ANSWERS TO “THE FUNNY QUIZ”, CLICK HERE: Funny Quiz Answers ____________________________________ School humor and jokes: Actual, Funny Answers to a quiz:  A first grade school teacher saved these funny quiz answers about proverbs during a pop quiz test. A first grade teacher collected well known proverbs. For a quiz, she gave … Read more