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The Funny Quiz Answers: Answers to The Funny Quiz. A walk through.

Here are The Funny Quiz Answers, Cheats and a Walkthrough.

So thanks to Quince and some other commenters, we now have the full and complete answers, cheats and walkthrough for The Funny Quiz.    I noticed the other night that – suddenly- a lot of you are coming to my site looking for answers to “The Funny Quiz” game, hoping to find cheats and answers for how to get through the huge, confusing, frustrating, addicting maze that is The Funny Quiz game.  In the quiz game,  you have to answer each question right to go on to the next question. One mistake, and you have to start over.  It’s fun, but hard to quit, so people are looking for codes and answers the Funny Quiz game.

So I asked people to post cheats and answers and walk throughs to The Funny Quiz below in comments.

Quince was kind enough to take the time to type up a complete walk through.  THANKS QUINCE!!!


Yes, I did beat the game.

1. 6 points
2. damnitfilms
3. N       If you choose “apple” it will take you to a screen with 3 apples. Choose the yellow one and it will let you skip to number 37!
4. A toy
5. Click the dot on “5.”
6. No
7. Click the first 1 (number) after the last exclamation point.
8. Click the number 8 on the question number.
9. Click the second picture on the left. (The picture order goes: flame, explosion, soldier, breakdancer.)
10. Click the pink paint bucket.
11. Click the “U” in the question.
12. Click the blue rectangle.
13. Click continue.
14. Click the 39th “39.” Just click the first 39 on the last row.
15. questoin 16.
16. The button changes positions. Follow the invisible path to it after placing your cursor on the button.
17. Follow the same procedure as number 16.
18. Click on “THE ANSWER”
19. Click the hyperlink on the bottom left corner.
20. jaw
21. Click the first button.
22. smurf (bottom left)
23. Click the top right button.
24. This one is tricky to explain. The green button is located near the top right corner. See this picture for reference.
25. Can’t really explain this either, kind of like the previous question. Use this picture to help. Click the green arrow to proceed.
26. Continue.
27. He slipped on a banana peel.
28. A hamburger and hold the lettuce-
29. Japan
30. Asia
31. Greenland
32. Red, blue, yellow, blue.
33. There is an arrow above the word “button.” Roll your mouse over the right of the arrow and you will see a button with the word “THE” on it. Click it.
34. Click the top right button (first smiley face).
35. Click the “k” in OK, the “i” in winter berry, then the “w” in winter berry, and lastly the “i” in pineapple. Click the kiwi to continue.
36. Drag the black square to another location. It reveals a button to click.
37. Move the censor bar and click the button.
38. Use the arrow keys to move the person (blue dot) to get into the car. Do not drive to the arrow; drive to the black rectangle.

– click Continue –

39. DON’T MOVE YOUR MOUSE! Hold down the mouse button and move the cursor to the green dot. Release then click it.
40. Drag the question to another spot. Click the button.
41. Click the “e” in the word puzzle.
41. Use the arrow keys to move the hook to the shark. (Just move it straight down.)
42. Move all the clothes and click the button.
46. At the end of the brown arrow, you will be able to click something (your cursor will turn into a hand). Drag it and you can click a button.
47. Click the “.” on “47.”
48. Click the “.” on “48.”
49. Continue.
Final. Click the guy in the head.

I did not find the “secret cartoon” or “secret level.” Maybe there’s one or maybe there isn’t! But using these answers I didn’t.

– Quince

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