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How Military Specs Live Forever: Military Specs Can’t Die

Do you ever wonder why things are the way they are? How specifications got to be how they are. English specs can be so weird after all. Who dictated that there should be only 12 inches to a foot? Why not 10, or 15 for that matter? Why 3 feet to a yard, or 5280 [...]

Redneck Smoke Detector | Redneck jokes

Smoke detectors are a must for any mobile home at any trailor park. But they can be a little expensive and beep when the battery needs replaced. Well worth the trouble, of course, but one redneck family is experimenting with a cheaper and easier substitute: Jiffy pop popcorn. “Well hell, we figured this way, if [...]

Funny Answering Machine Messages: Funny Messages for Answering Machines

Everybody loves a good answering machine message, so why not make yours more memorable? After all, everyone you know and their dogs have “sorry you missed me, please leave a message after the beep" as their answering machine message. Break the mold with these funny messages and impress friends and family alike. Be memorable! With [...]

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