These funny bloopers are actual mistakes by students I have tutored in Conversational English, and are from my humor book.

Do you believe in Cod?

Christians believe if they do not sin they will have salivation.

We must try to control our animal orgies.

What means “you should never stone the first cast”?

Which religion do you use?

Our church has smaller members every week.

I Know that if I pray hard,
God will forgive me for my shins.

I think maybe our house is haunted with dead goats.

People don’t think for themselves. Most people have the same religion their parrots had.

If you don’t believe in God your spit can go to hell.

The thirty largest religious leaders met to
talk about world hunger.

Jesus lived during the Roman Catholic Empire.

I think Moses was that guy that climbed into a mountain. then he read God’s Ten Big Rules from the top.

Do you believe some part of you
still lives after you are dead?
You mean organ donation?

I don’t agree with some of the conceptions
in that church.

We believe the spit of our ancestors stays with us
and helps our food to grow.

At that time, the romanians had stronger arms so they controled the Judists.

When the bad army tried to follow them in the land of milky honey land, probably they couldn’t walk on water so they sank.

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