Funny student bloopers about school

These funny bloopers are actual mistakes by students I have tutored in Conversational English, and are from my humor book.

Unfortunately, the school board was forced to
cut fifteen percent off all teachers.

Every day I study hardly.

I have really good news.
I passed both my testes last week.

College is expensive.
But it can help you live a bitter life.

If I study really hard,
I will graduate in 2004 years.

I am studied hard in science class.

After four years of college I can finally attend grade school.

Such behavior will result in
immediately being exploded from the university.

My essay is in the American President.

The New Years potty was so boring.Only a few people sat around, only a few people danced and the food was not so fresh.

My earliest memory was in kindergarten
but I can’t remember what it was.

My major was tourism management.
I thought a tour guide would fit good on me.

After class we will all go out and drink Wisk until we are sick. Do you want to come?

My mother really didn’t want me to go away to college. She bought me special snakes so I wouldn’t live.
She what?
She bought me special snakes so I would not live.
Oh, do you mean she bought you special snacks so you would not leave?
Yes. Why are you smiling?

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  1. wow t his site is cool i guess.. i mean i love the jokes.. and i dunno they are like stupid in there own way..

    thanks for making me laugh today i really appreciate it.

  2. love this website!!
    I am showing my students this!! yes, i’m a science teacher… esp the science answers, lol

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