Funny English from Around the World

Top 10 Funny Valentine’s Day Bloopers by English Students

Here are the Top 10 funny mistakes and bloopers by my English Language Students, about love and romance, for Valentine’s Day. (We all make a lot of mistakes learning a new language, and some are going to be a little humorous to native speakers of that language.  For instance… ) 10. I fell in love [...]

Funny Bloopers and English Mistakes from Around the World

These pages have funny English bloopers and mistakes from around the world, including funny signs, funny Hong Kong Movie subtitles and captions, funny fortune cookies, funny ESL mistakes and a lot more. Have a look around. Funny Signs from Restaurants Funny Signs Hall of Fame Other Funny Signs From Around the World Top 10 Most Romantic [...]

Funny English Mistakes From ESL Students: Funny Mistakes and bloopers in English

This is the section that started  It has funny English mistakes and bloopers from my ESL students.  Any of us learning a new language will make a lot of mistakes, and some will sound pretty funny or strange to native speakers. Like the time in college when I was at an Orphanage in Mexico for [...]

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