Top 10 Funny Valentine’s Day Bloopers by English Students

Here are the Top 10 funny mistakes and bloopers by my English Language Students, about love and romance, for Valentine’s Day.

(We all make a lot of mistakes learning a new language, and some are going to be a little humorous to native speakers of that language.  For instance… )
10. I fell in love with her the first time I sawed her.

9. He had such a worm heart.

8. We were two sheeps passing in the night.

7. We have hated each other for so long. I want to borrow the hatchet.

6. My dentist makes me blush twice a day.

5. I don’t know if he will propose, but I am expecting.

4. I have something exciting to tell you. My girlfriend and I got enraged last night!

3. The groom was wearing a very nice croissant.

2. He lifted the veal off her face and gave her a big kiss.

1. I think she is really glad she got marinated.

Some other innocent mistakes from new English from the pages of InnocentEnglish:

Recipes: Next, chop all the vegetarians into little pieces.

Health: It is dangerous to smoke while you are becoming pregnant.

Sports: It was so exciting to watch! The cheerleaders threw up high into the air.

Politics: The President got off the plane and gave a big kiss to the first ladder.

Grammar: Should I have a coma in the middle of this sentence?

Music: When he was through singing he had a standing ovulation.

Food: Do you like this food? I made it from scratching!

Parents: My bed has three blankets and a large guilt my parents gave me.

Weather: Rain makes old cars lust. So be careful about that. Once a car starts lusting, there’s no way to stop it!

Travel: You can’t sleep with me because it is too crowded. But you can probably sleep with my sister. That’s what most of my friends do when they visit.

These funny mistakes by new English language students are a celebration of the lighter side of learning language. I still remember when I went on a college mission trip to an orphanage in Mexico, and I enthusiastically greeted each of the children with ‘Buenos Dios! Buenos Dios!’ After some puzzled looks and a lot of laughter, a friend explained that I wasn’t saying ‘Good day.’ I was running around to each of these kids shouting ‘Good God! Good God!’ The laughter of that moment really broke the ice with the children, and left me with an appreciation of the humor that can accompany learning a new language.  This site began with a few pages of those funny mistakes.

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  1. When I was studying english I remember telling my english teacher that I love sleeping with cleaned SHEEPS…. hahaha

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