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Best Pickup Lines: Funny

Top 10 Senator Larry Craig Bathroom Pick up Lines

1. Hi there. Do you flush here often? 2. My name? Just call me Senator McLovin. 3. So, um, you wanna give it a whirl? 4. If I could rearrange the alphabet I’d put U and I and P together 5. Will you still respect me in 2 minutes? 6. I’ve gotta hand it to [...]

Funny Pick up Lines: Best dumb, stupid, & funny chat up lines to pick up someone

Good Pickup lines: here are some great (and stupid) funny pickup lines and chat up lines. Some are sweet, some cheesy, some bad, but hey, some just might be worth a try… Are you a parking ticket? You got fine written all over you. Hey aren’t you forgetting something? Me! Baby did you fart, [...]

Top iphone pick up lines: How to subtly mention your new iphone when picking up a girl at a bar

There she is. Sitting there at the bar. Time to make your move. But what do you say? You start to get a little nervous. Then you remember. “Oh yeah. I have a new iphone. And some oh so witty pick up lines.” You relax. You walk up to her casually and say: I’m no Fred [...]

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