Top 10 Senator Larry Craig Bathroom Pick up Lines

1. Hi there. Do you flush here often?

2. My name? Just call me Senator McLovin.

3. So, um, you wanna give it a whirl?

4. If I could rearrange the alphabet I’d put U and I and P together

5. Will you still respect me in 2 minutes?

6. I’ve gotta hand it to you. You can really hold my own.

7. Excuse me but do you know where I can find a cup? That’s right. I wanna C-U-P.

8. Stall inspector. Per regulations, I’m just crawling into your stall to make sure your toilet will hold two people.

9. Excuse me. Would you mind if I um, slipped into something a little more comfortable?

10. Are you going to go sit at the bar after this? Because I would be happy to push in your stool.

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This top 10 list is not intended to be disrespectful of any sexual orientation, just of hypocrisy in action.


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