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Eva Green Nude Picture tribute to Charlotte Rampling photo

A naked Eva Green, probably best known as a bond girl, has never seemed to be shy about being naked. She appeared fully nude in the French film “The Dreamers”. She is a respected French actress, who brings a sensual emotionality and grace to her roles, along with her striking beauty and natural sexiness. So [...]

Stephanie Seymour nude picture for Vanity Fair

Stephanie Seymour, famous for both sexy Sports Illustrated pictures and Victoria’s Secret photos, poses nude for this Vanity Fair photo shoot. She might be in her 40s, but a naked Stephanie Seymour didn’t seem to be shy about posing naked for this picture, and based on comments on Huffington Post and other sites, she doesn’t [...]

Christian Serratos Naked: PETA AD picture of Nude Christian Serratos

Here’s the PETA Ad nude picture of Christian Serratos, the actress best known for Twilight. Christian poses naked for the PETA ad, to help bring awareness to PETA’s campaign to stop people from wearing fur. The ad is a picture of Christian Serratos, naked, leaning seductively against a tree. The ad says “Animals killed for their [...]

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