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Bill O’Reilly Youtube Video: he goes nuts, loses temper and has a rage fit.

Bill O’Reilly youtube video of losing his temper, freaking out and losing it.

Here’s the youtube video of Bill Oreilly freaking out and losing it in a rage on youtube.  On the one hand, everyone has their bad days and bad moments, and nearly all of us can think of moments we weren’t our best and wouldn’t want recorded. And it sounds like he was under a lot of time pressure, and if he didn’t get it in 2 or 3 takes he would have to do it live, which would be tense.  On the other hand, this video seems to demonstrate an inate arrogance, inflated ego and rude unkindness that seems to be a real part of who Bill O’Reilly is.  (And that’s not even considering his phone sex sexual harassment scandal a few yours back).

Here’s the youtube video of Bill O’reilly freaking out and losing it, completely losing his temper on youtube. As the gawker who posted it sayd, he goes NUTS.

[youtube IAaHime9aaM nolink]



Daily Quick Break: April 2, 2008: Celebrity Original Names: Famous people’s names before they were changed

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Here are the original names of celebrities and famous people who changed their name.

Here are the original names of celebs and other famous people. Most changed their name to make a more “user friendly” name for people to remember. Many were foreign names changed to sound more American. Others just wanted a more memorable hook. Here is a list, in alphabetical order, of the original, first names of celebrities who changed their name.

(If you know of some that I missed, please feel free to email me at mail @

Alan Alda – Alphonso D’Abruzzo

Albert Brooks – Albert Lawrence Einstein

Alice Cooper – Vincent Damon Furnier

Alicia Keys – Alicia Augello Cook

To read the rest, go to: Celebrity Original Names: Famous people’s names before they were changed