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Lindsay Lohan nude pics photo shoot: She isn’t quite Marilyn Monroe

The Los Angeles times blog makes a very good point about the New York magazine’s photo spread of Lindsay Lohan’s nude pics.  They make the point that Lindsay Lohan is no Marilyn Monroe.  Now Lindsay can be absolutely beautiful- there’s no question. But it’s a different kind of beauty.   Not the creamy white smooth skin [...]

Eva Mendes YouTube Video French Interview

In this new youtube video, Eva Mendes is being interviewed by a French TV station.  They are asking her questions, but she’s a little distracted because her dress is slipping.  I’m not sure when Eva Mendes became a real celebrity.  She had a lot of buzz in her summer movie, We Own the Night, but [...]

Kristy Lee Cook pics: American Idol Video and pictures of Kristy Lee Cook.

Here are some pictures and videos of Kristy Lee Cook, the hot new singer who is a favorite to win American Idol.  Kristy Lee Cook recently turned 24. According to her intro video, she loves horse training, kick boxing, and being in nature.  There’s a lot of buzz on the internet. A lot of young men apparently [...]

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