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Funny Pick Up Lines: Vote for Your favorite funny pickup lines.

Funny Pick up Lines Contest: Vote For your Favorites! Hundreds of thousands of u00c2u00a0visitors have stopped by to read the Best funny pickup lines u00c2u00a0page, (the page view counter was added months later) and a hundred have added their own favorites funny pick up lines since the comments and page views plug in were enabled [...]

Crude Pick up lines: Some Rated R, rude, crude and blunt and sexual pickup lines and chat up lines.

Visitors have been submitting their own funny pickup lines on the main pickup line pageu00c2u00a0u00c2u00a0 butu00c2u00a0we try to keep most of this site PG, and there are someu00c2u00a0we haven’t wanted to post on the funny pick up lines and chat up lines page.u00c2u00a0 Sou00c2u00a0we made this page, for more crude, rude, blunt, adult, mature, sexual [...]

Rules for Guys Around Women: How Men Score and Losing Points in the Relationshiop Game

How Scoring works for guys in the relationship game. If you are likeu00c2u00a0most guys,u00c2u00a0 how well you are scoring with your girlfriend or partner or wife seems to be pretty random sometimes. You haven’t yet quite figured out how the scoring works in the relationship game.u00c2u00a0 So, here is a quick guide to relationships and [...]

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