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Crude Pick up lines: Some Rated R, rude, crude and blunt and sexual pickup lines and chat up lines.

Visitors have been submitting their own funny pickup lines on the main pickup line page   but we try to keep most of this site PG, and there are some we haven’t wanted to post on the funny pick up lines and chat up lines page.  So we made this page, for more crude, rude, blunt, adult, mature, sexual and inapropriate pick up lines.  We still may not post all of your pick up line comments, but this will have some of the ones that were a bit much for the main pick up line page.

So warning- some of these pick up lines may be offensive, rude, crude, or bluntly sexual. If you are easily offended or too young for this, please stop now.

Daily Quick Break: January 15, 2008: Funny Pick up Lines: Best dumb, stupid, & funny chat up lines to pick up someone

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here are some great (and stupid) funny pick up lines and chat up lines:

Are you a parking ticket? You got fine written all over you.
Hey aren’t you forgetting something? Me!
Baby did you fart, ’cause you blow me away!
Baby, somebody better call God, cuz he’s missing an angel!
Baby, you must be a broom, cause you just swept me off my feet!
Can i get your picture to prove to all my friends that angels really do exist?
Does your watch have a second hand? I want to know how long it took for me to fall in love with you.
Don’t walk into that building — the sprinklers might go off!
Don’t you know me from somewhere?
Excuse me miss? You dropped something back there? My jaw!
Good news, the test results are negative!
Got me? I’ll do your body good.
Grab them in the butt and ask, “Pardon me, is this seat taken?”
He: You look like my third wife. She: Oh, how guyy time have you been married?

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