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Funny Pick Up Lines: Vote for Your favorite funny pickup lines.

Funny Pick up Lines Contest: Vote For your Favorites!

Hundreds of thousands of  visitors have stopped by to read the Best funny pickup lines  page, (the page view counter was added months later) and a hundred have added their own favorites funny pick up lines since the comments and page views plug in were enabled a couple of months ago.  In May we will begin voting on the best pick up lines ever.

If you have a great pickup line that you think should be included in the list for voting, add it in comments here or on the Best funny pickup lines  page.  The deadline for adding new pick up lines is the end of April (we’ve extended it a month because we’re still getting some new ones). Starting in May, we’ll start the voting, to find what visitors consider to be the very best, funniest, and most effective Pick Up Lines ever. 

Page topic: Top Funny Pickup Lines: Vote on and rate on your Favorite Pick Up lines here, starting in April.