Politics and Government

These funny bloopers are actual mistakes by students I have tutored in Conversational English, and are from my humor book.

China is slowly becoming a flea market economy.

The second Word War had much propaganda

I am so tired of police violins!

At that time, one of the most important weapons was the rocket lawn chair.

The Clinton menstruation was a difficult period in American politics.

The President got off the plane and gave a big kiss to the first ladder.

The police were attacked by a large group of angry mops.

In my opinion, police officers and their weapons should always be fully loaded and ready for action.

The American President is very powerful. For one thing, he chooses the supreme coat judges.

It is a very exciting erection! But I think Al Gore will lose it soon.

There are still plenty of fossil fools.

The article said there are only maybe five thousand beers left in B.C. This is a very serious problem… I think maybe we should only let very small people go beer hunting every year.

Our society is mostly based on Confusionism.

I think Clinton never lost an erection.
Remember, you have to pronounce that
word very carefully.
No, this time I said it on purpose. I am a funny joker.

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