These funny bloopers are actual mistakes by students I have tutored in Conversational English, and are from my humor book.

Bloopers and mistatements from ESL students about their mothers and fathers.
(Don’t say these things about your Momma!)

My mother is an inferior decorator.

My father is a highly rank government official.

My mother wants me to marry a good, successful man, but I want to marry my boyfriend.

My father has to wear expensive business dresses to work everyday.

My mother is amazing woman. Do you know she had a baby seven times.

I always ate lunch at school. But every day my mother made me suffer.

My father is one of my favorite parents.

My bed has three blankets and a large guilt my parents gave me.

My parents are very supporting. They pay me to study far away from them.

My father met us at the airport and gave me a big hog. Then he hogged my wife.

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