Apple Iphone Apps: Piano: Review. Ipod Touch and iphone apps reviews

Apple iphone apps: Review of Piano for Iphone and Ipod Touch.    New apps are out in the App Store for iPod Touch with the new 2.0 firmware and the new iPhone 3G! Are there any applications for musicians? Yes there are! There are applications with drums, guitars, and many other instruments. There are even … Read more

Iphone Apps review: Super Monkey Ball

Here’s a Super Monkey Ball 2.0 Iphone apps Review Here it is: The new iPod/iPhone 2.0 update with many easily obtainable applications! Out of hundreds of applications, there are many good ones and many bad ones. One of the best games that show off the iPod/iPhones’s accelerometer is Super Monkey Ball. Super Monkey Ball is … Read more

Iphone Apps Reviews: Review of AquaForest for Iphone and Ipod Touch

Thinking about buying and downloading AquaForest for iPod Touch and iPhone? Here’s a quick review of AquaForest. The new update came out for the iPod Touch and the iPhone. This update enables both products to play many applications. So many people are browsing the App Store wondering what they should get. Well one of the … Read more