Iphone Apps review: Super Monkey Ball

Here’s a Super Monkey Ball 2.0 Iphone apps Review

Here it is: The new iPod/iPhone 2.0 update with many easily obtainable applications! Out of hundreds of applications, there are many good ones and many bad ones. One of the best games that show off the iPod/iPhones’s accelerometer is Super Monkey Ball.
Super Monkey Ball is a unique game where you (the monkey inside a plastic ball) are trying to reach the end of the level while collecting all the bananas in under 60 seconds. To move in the game, you tilt your iPod or iPhone and the monkey moves in the direction of your tilt. So for example, if you tilt you iPod/iPhone to the right, the monkey goes to the right. In the App Store, this game is $10, and many are asking: Is it really worth the money? Well this review can help you make that decision.
This game is very different from the other games made for the iPod and iPhone. Unlike other games, Super Monkey Ball is a full console game. This simply means that this game has so much to it, such as the plethora of levels and the graphics, that it usually takes a game console like the Nintendo Wii to run it. Super Monkey Ball also shows off the amazing performance of the accelerometer in the iPod Touch and iPhone. The game is very sensitive to every move that you make with your iPod/iPhone; as soon as you tilt the thing, you monkey immediately starts moving in that direction. Super Monkey Ball also lasts a long time because of all the levels and everything that you can do on this game. This game is good for waiting rooms, restaurants with long waiting lists, or just whenever you’re bored. This game is very entertaining and fun.
Like all games, Super Monkey Ball also has a few downsides. Due to the extreme sensitivity to your tilts and moves, many people have a lot of trouble getting everything under control. For example, a friend of mine tried this game and when he would try to tilt the iPod, the monkey would go flying at high speed off the track. Many people experience this and are very tired and frustrated after a few minutes. I’m sorry to say that for some people, Super Monkey Ball takes a lot of patience; and most of us are not willing to use patience to be able to play a game on our iPod or iPhone. This whole problem with Super Monkey Ball turns many people away from the game. But once you are able to control your character, you will find this game entertaining and fun. One last small downside to this game is the actual appearance of the monkey. While the background and everything else looks very good compared to the original Super Monkey Ball on Gamecube, the monkey looks like it was pulled from an old Gameboy. The monkey is sort of pixilated and very jerky. This appearance of the monkey kind of takes away from the whole appearance of  Super Monkey Ball.
Though this game has some downsides, Super Monkey Ball is a great game to have on your iPod Touch or iPhone. It is definitely worth $10.
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