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Apple iphone apps: Review of Piano for Iphone and Ipod Touch.

   New apps are out in the App Store for iPod Touch with the new 2.0 firmware and the new iPhone 3G! Are there any applications for musicians? Yes there are! There are applications with drums, guitars, and many other instruments. There are even applications that are compatible with porfessional studio recording systems! But one of the best of the music applications is Pianist.
     Pianist is an application for musicians who own an iPod Touch or an iPhone. With this application, users can play piano using the amazing touch screen. All 88 keys in the piano are individually sampled from a real grand piano to give you the most realistic sound. And every time you touch any key on the piano, the key goes down like a real key on a piano! Pianist also lets players play up to five note chords on the piano. With this application, you can also record what you play and you can also play along with your recording and even record that! In addition to these cool features, there is a metronome to help you stay with the beat. This can be helpful if you’re aiming towards perfection. Also, you have the ability to control the volume of the piano. This feature is especially cool because not only does it control your piano volume, but also the volume of every application that you have. This app is amazing and would serve well to musicians who are bored and can’t get to a piano.
     One of the downside of Pianist is that you can view only view 12 keys at a time. You have to push a button to go up or down the piano. You can also do piano panning; with this feature, you can view all 88 keys on a miniature piano and move your finger over to any 12 keys that you want to play. So playing complicated pieces on this application is very complicated.

   Pianist is an amazing music application that is sure to keep you entertained and occupied for quite a bit. Though there are many things that are very cool about the Pianist application, there are some things that pull it away from the “perfect application” category. Pianist is one of the best music applications and it is definitely worth $5.99.


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