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Xplane 9 Airliner iphone app review

iPod/iPhone App Review: X-Plane 9 Airliner

      The continuation of the great app X-Plane 9 has begun. Now there is an X-Plane Airliner! This flight simulator app is great and performs well. In this app, you can practice flying, taking off, and landing. This app is just like the original X-Plane for the iPod Touch and iPhone except now you can fly planes such as the Boeing 747, Boeing 777, Boeing 787, and the Airbus A-380.

      There are many things that I like about X-Plane 9 Airliner. One of the good things about this application is that it feels like a real flight simulator. I’ve played around with some of the actual computer flight simulators and I think that this comes pretty darn close to being like the real deal. While you are flying, you can control the trim, speed brake, throttle, and flap. You use the accelerometer in the iPhone to control your plane. You tilt the device left to fly left, tilt it right to fly right, tilt it up to climb, and tilt down to head towards the ground. The controls in this app are very simple and easy to use. The graphics in X-Plane 9 Airliner are also very good. There have been some updates to make it more realistic and I think that they did a pretty good job at making it as realistic as possible. You can also view the full glass EFIS system which shows you airspeed, heading, altitiude and mush more. The ability to chose the time of day, how strong the wind is and how heavy the plane is makes this app pretty cool. These features make this app more life-like and gives you the opportunity to play around with the settings a bit. This app is made to be a true flight simulator, not an air combat game. So if you’re looking for a true flight simulator, X-Plane 9 Airliner is for you.

      This app has come so far, but it still lacks some features that could make this app more fun and realistic. One thing that this app lacks is true airports. Even though there are “airports” in this game, they aren’t true airports; they’re just runways in the middle of nowhere. Also, there aren’t any other planes in the sky flying around with you. I know this isn’t usually a big deal, but it would be cool to see other planes in the sky while you’re flying. Another thing that makes X-Plane 9 Airliner less desirable is the fact that the only place you can fly is in the mountains. This app doesn’t let you fly over cities or over oceans. There is only a 60 by 60 mile area in which you can fly in. With the limited area, this app can become tedious and unexciting.

      Overall, X-plane 9 Airliner is a pretty good app. Again, this is not a air combat application, it’s just a flight simulator. This app is good for introducing what flying is like to people who might want to become a pilot.  


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Iphone App Reviews: Real Soccer 09

Real Soccer 09: iphone Apps Reviews
Real Soccer 09 is one of the best apps out there for the iPod Touch and iPhone. Obviously, in this app, you can play soccer against many different countries. Out of 198 teams, you can pick your team and your opponents team. Afterwards, you can decide which team wears what color jersey and shorts. In Real Soccer 09, you get a chance to play in 12 different stadiums and easily perform the most amazing tricks. This app is one of the best and is great for those who absolutely love soccer.

On of the things that I really like about Real Soccer 09 is the 3D graphics. Although the graphics aren’t as good as the best graphics in the world, they are very good for something on the iPod Touch and iPhone. I was amazed when I first tried this game. Another cool thing about this game is that there is a great sense of flow throughout the game. There are smooth and fluid animations throughout the whole game which makes it very impressive and cool. Real Soccer 09 is different than all of the other apps out there because instead of using the accelerometer on either the iPod Touch or the iPhone, this game has an actual D-Pad and buttons that show up on the screen. When playing you use the D-Pad to set your character running in a direction and you press the “A” button to shoot the ball into the goal and the “B” button to pass your ball to another teammate. The controls on this game are pretty simple and easy to use. Soon, I was able to do tricks such as side tackling, sprinting, faking shots, and rushing the goal keeper. Real Soccer 09 goes further in depth than what’s expected. In this game, you can sub out different players, tackle people to earn yourself a red card (ha ha ), and you can pick which formation your team should start in. You can also just place your teammates wherever you want to by dragging their little icon and placing them wherever. There is also a training mode which will teach you all of the moves and it lets you practice at your own pace. I found this to be very helpful. There is also an options mode where you can change match length, weather, difficulty, time of day, and match rules. Finally, you can do league mode which lets you compete for 6 different trophies.

Like I said, this game has amazing graphics and while you are playing you can change the camera angle and there is an instant replay feature that lets you zoom in, slow down, and pan the camera in several different directions. Also in Real Soccer 09 comes those classic sounds such as the crowds chanting and cheering and the guy yelling “GOOOAALLL!” when someone makes a goal. When playing this app, the A.I. seem to be mostly smart. Sometimes, the A.I. totally run off and do their own thing or they don’t receive the ball when you pass it to them, but the A.I. is almost all of the time great.

Real Soccer 09 is a great app for the iPod Touch and the iPhone and you can get it at the App Store for $5.99. It is definitely worth the price! I would give this app a 8 out of 10.

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Iphone Apps Reviews: Brothers in Arms

Brothers in Arms ipod touch and iphone App review

Ever since the App Store started running, there has not been very good shooting apps out there. Until now. The new game, Brothers in Arms: Hours of Heroes is an amazing game that is based off of the Brothers in Arms games that came out for the Wii and the Xbox 360. When you play this game, you are a soldier who is fighting in World War 2 against the Nazis. In the game there are many missions that you have to complete. During these missions, you learn how to do certain things and you get a chance to fire a multitude of different guns. Once you have completed all of the missions, you can replay them but on a harder level. This makes this game longer-lasting and fun.

There are many things that I really like about this game. The graphics of this game really amazed me as soon as I turned started Brothers in Arms: Hours of Heroes. I was expecting something slow and stupid like a related app that came out called Cube. This app was the exact opposite. It smoothly flowed and there were no sudden jerks of the screen and there was none of that “please wait. . . .loading” junk during game play to slow you down. I was very impressed at the smoothness of this game. The graphics of the actual people are also very good for being on something as small as the iPod Touch and iPhone. Again, I was impressed. What is really good about this app is the way it is designed so people can control their character easily. I am not a true gamer, but I was able to pick this app up and make it look like I knew what I was doing. The controls were very good. One cool thing about the iPod Touch and iPhone version of Brothers in Arms is that when somebody wants to look through their scope on their gun, all they have to do is put two fingers on the screen and then spread them apart. It works just like zooming in on a picture on the iPod Touch and iPhone. This game is pretty darn amazing for a game that’s made for something small as an iPod Touch.

There are also a couple of things about this game that might not make people too happy. One of those things is that this game has a limited number of levels and if you’re a person who likes to play til’ you drop, this game may only last you a couple of hours at the least. But updates for this game are coming out and one of those updates might have some extra levels which is another good reason to get this game. Another thing that might be found disappointing is the graphics when car or a tank is being driven. It’s like driving a very poorly looking box that jerks around and that is hard to control. This bad thing could also have an effect on a gamer’s performance when playing.

Brothers in Arms: Hours of Heroes is a great game to get for the iPod Touch and iPhone. It’s graphics are good and the actual game play is very smooth. You can get this great game in the App Store for $7.99. I would rate this game 9.5 out of 10.


Iphone App reviews: Brothers in Arms shooting game