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Xplane 9 Airliner iphone app review

iPod/iPhone App Review: X-Plane 9 Airliner The continuation of the great app X-Plane 9 has begun. Now there is an X-Plane Airliner! This flight simulator app is great and performs well. In this app, you can practice flying, taking off, and landing. This app is just like the original X-Plane for the iPod Touch [...]

Iphone App Reviews: Real Soccer 09

Real Soccer 09: iphone Apps Reviews Real Soccer 09 is one of the best apps out there for the iPod Touch and iPhone. Obviously, in this app, you can play soccer against many different countries. Out of 198 teams, you can pick your team and your opponents team. Afterwards, you can decide which team wears [...]

Iphone Apps Reviews: Brothers in Arms

Brothers in Arms ipod touch and iphone App review Ever since the App Store started running, there has not been very good shooting apps out there. Until now. The new game, Brothers in Arms: Hours of Heroes is an amazing game that is based off of the Brothers in Arms games that came out for [...]

Will some type of electronic ID system replace the id card? Soon I'll be posting an article on the latest gadgets companies are using. So stay tuned...

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