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Dolphin Makes bubble rings: You Tube Video

This is a beautiful, really amazing video of a dolphin making really cool air ring bubbles and then playing with them. The vid was taken at Sea World in Orlando.  The dolphin is so intelligent, playful, gentle and graceful.  there is really nice music in the video too, which helps to really capture the feel of it. the caption for one of these videos was “Dolphin finally invents wheel”. You get the feeling though that they’ve been playing with wheel ring bubbles since before humans could walk.

 We all know dolphins are intelligent, but to make a buble ring out of air, again and again, and play with it- basically making your own toys – that’s real intelligence.  Maybe the dolphin accidentally once blew out a ring bubble and then tried to do it again.   Apparently this isn’t unique to this particular dolphin or to dolphins in general.  I’m also adding here a video of a Beluga whale blowing a tiny bubble and cathing it.

Dolphin playing with air bubble ring

[youtube TMCf7SNUb-Q nolink]


Beluga whale blows bubble, plays with it

[youtube Zsmk40vtQCE nolink]


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Otters Holding Hands: Very cute youtube of otters holding hands



I don’t know if the otters in this youtube video are sea otters or river otters, but I’ve seen both in action and they are so playful, and full of enjoyment, it’s inspiring to watch them. At the Seattle Aquarium I saw two otters lock jaws and arms to form one long smooth log and roll and roll amazingly fast. So I knew how fun it is to watch them, but I have never seen anything like the scene caught on this vid.

This youtube video of otters holding hands is one of the cutest, most touching and most heart-filled videos I’ve ever seen. Something about it really pulls at the heart strings, especially at the end. I’m sure it’s taking it too far to say it’s a perfect metaphor for relationships, so I’ll just say they are such cute widdle otters! If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, be sure to fast forward to surprise ending! Who knew otters could seem so… so human?





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Amazing Video clip of a baby buffalo in a tug of war between his buffalo herd, a pride of lions, and a crocodile.

Lions, crocodiles and Buffalo- Oh my! An amazing, unbelievable battle of the species!

This is an amazing, real life show down between a pride of lions, a herd of water buffalo and 1 or 2 hungry crocodiles, all in a life or death tug-a-war for a helpless baby buffalo calf. It begins with the typical “lions chase down a baby buffalo” scene that we’ve all seen on the Nature channel. But from then on, it’s a series of events you’ve never seen before. Each time you think it’s over, something unexpected happens. Do the lions win? Does the crocodile? And why does the herd of buffalo even try to get in the fight, when it must be too late for the calf? Could there possibly still be any hope for the little guy? Sometimes nature is the best screen writer. One of the most fascinating videos I’ve ever seen.

[youtube LU8DDYz68kM nolink]



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