Dolphin Makes bubble rings: You Tube Video

This is a beautiful, really amazing video of a dolphin making really cool air ring bubbles and then playing with them. The vid was taken at Sea World in Orlando.  The dolphin is so intelligent, playful, gentle and graceful.  there is really nice music in the video too, which helps to really capture the feel of it. the caption for one of these videos was “Dolphin finally invents wheel”. You get the feeling though that they’ve been playing with wheel ring bubbles since before humans could walk.

 We all know dolphins are intelligent, but to make a buble ring out of air, again and again, and play with it- basically making your own toys – that’s real intelligence.  Maybe the dolphin accidentally once blew out a ring bubble and then tried to do it again.   Apparently this isn’t unique to this particular dolphin or to dolphins in general.  I’m also adding here a video of a Beluga whale blowing a tiny bubble and cathing it.

Dolphin playing with air bubble ring

[youtube TMCf7SNUb-Q nolink]


Beluga whale blows bubble, plays with it

[youtube Zsmk40vtQCE nolink]


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