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Best youtube beatboxing videos: Amazing youtube videos of the best beatboxers.

Check out these amazing beatboxers. Hard to believe it’s all human voice. Absolutely incredible.

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Youtube videos of lucky people who almost died in terrible accidents- but didn’t.

The Best of Youtube: Luckiest Person Alive: Cool near death videos

here are some amazing youtube videos of people very lucky to be alive. They may be some of the luckiest people on the planet….   

This is a short and sweet, and very amazing youtube video of people who nearly got hit by a car, or nearly fell to their death, and other would-a-been fatal accidents that were narrowly avoided. Some great video clips here put into one snazzy video. Definitely worth watching.  I hope those people know how lucky they were to survive those close calls with death…

[youtube QHaBNStwp1A nolink]
And in this incredible crash, Don Renfrow is very very lucky to be alive and fine and limping away.  Really incredible crash video
[youtube SkslNN0GUa0&NR nolink]

And this bicyclist is lucky to be alive after a fast moving bus runs into him and over him.
[youtube lI1vw0-CVXk nolink]

Here’s another disturbing bicycle crash, where the guy walks away, with, it appears, only his pride hurt.

[youtube w3Km1jS2LD8 nolink]

And here are some people very narrowly escaping being crushed against a building by a car:

[youtube 0zY7nRR6L8Y nolink]

You have to admit, those are some of the luckiest people on the planet. Some amazing video clips of near misses and crashes and people almost getting killed.  I didn’t really believe in angels before these videos, but now I think I have to reconsider.

Amazing Video clip of a baby buffalo in a tug of war between his buffalo herd, a pride of lions, and a crocodile.

Lions, crocodiles and Buffalo- Oh my! An amazing, unbelievable battle of the species!

This is an amazing, real life show down between a pride of lions, a herd of water buffalo and 1 or 2 hungry crocodiles, all in a life or death tug-a-war for a helpless baby buffalo calf. It begins with the typical “lions chase down a baby buffalo” scene that we’ve all seen on the Nature channel. But from then on, it’s a series of events you’ve never seen before. Each time you think it’s over, something unexpected happens. Do the lions win? Does the crocodile? And why does the herd of buffalo even try to get in the fight, when it must be too late for the calf? Could there possibly still be any hope for the little guy? Sometimes nature is the best screen writer. One of the most fascinating videos I’ve ever seen.

[youtube LU8DDYz68kM nolink]



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