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Cute pig and puppy with valentine heart spots

Here are two cute baby animals with valentine heart spots marks or patches on them. Very cute and sweet.  The first is a baby pig with heart shaped spots and the second is a puppy with a big brown heart mark 

Here is the baby pig. He is named, fittingly enough, Valentine.

cute baby pig with heart patch mark

And another pic of the baby pig with the black heart shaped spots. A cute little piglet.

 cute pic of baby piglet with heart marks

And here is Heart Kun, the cute heart puppy.

puppy with heart patch mark

Here is a youtube video of Heart Kun the heart puppy.

[youtube Wwzwcg4_XYc nolink]

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Amazing Video clip of a baby buffalo in a tug of war between his buffalo herd, a pride of lions, and a crocodile.

Lions, crocodiles and Buffalo- Oh my! An amazing, unbelievable battle of the species!

This is an amazing, real life show down between a pride of lions, a herd of water buffalo and 1 or 2 hungry crocodiles, all in a life or death tug-a-war for a helpless baby buffalo calf. It begins with the typical “lions chase down a baby buffalo” scene that we’ve all seen on the Nature channel. But from then on, it’s a series of events you’ve never seen before. Each time you think it’s over, something unexpected happens. Do the lions win? Does the crocodile? And why does the herd of buffalo even try to get in the fight, when it must be too late for the calf? Could there possibly still be any hope for the little guy? Sometimes nature is the best screen writer. One of the most fascinating videos I’ve ever seen.

[youtube LU8DDYz68kM nolink]



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Cute Baby Animal Pictures



A Few Cute Baby Animal Pictures:



Cute little baby hamster licking finger

cute furry hamste biting licking finger

hmmm, peanut butter… Sure is tasty! I’ll try not to scratch you with my furocious claws.

Cute little baby hedgehog licking lips

cute littel baby hedgehog or porcipine

hmmm, ants… Sure was tasty! Wow! my foot is just about the cutest hedgehog foot I’ve ever seen, if I do say so myself!

Cute baby seals

cute baby seals flash video clip

Cute little baby mouse or squirrel or chipmonk or… something…

cute little baby mouse or chipmonk or squirrel in hand

Admit it- I’m just too cute. Now can you tickle my little feet again?

Baby ligers (part tigers part lions) play fighting

cute little baby lions or tigers or leopards play fighting

Last one to fall over snoring wins!

Tiny puppy sleeping with chin on cell phone

cute little white flully puppy on table

If anyone calls, I don’t care if it’s on ring or vibrate, I’m gonna wake up grumpy!

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