Otters Holding Hands: Very cute youtube of otters holding hands



I don’t know if the otters in this youtube video are sea otters or river otters, but I’ve seen both in action and they are so playful, and full of enjoyment, it’s inspiring to watch them. At the Seattle Aquarium I saw two otters lock jaws and arms to form one long smooth log and roll and roll amazingly fast. So I knew how fun it is to watch them, but I have never seen anything like the scene caught on this vid.

This youtube video of otters holding hands is one of the cutest, most touching and most heart-filled videos I’ve ever seen. Something about it really pulls at the heart strings, especially at the end. I’m sure it’s taking it too far to say it’s a perfect metaphor for relationships, so I’ll just say they are such cute widdle otters! If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, be sure to fast forward to surprise ending! Who knew otters could seem so… so human?





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