The top 18 ways to confuse Santa Claus: List of ways to Confuse Santa Claus

Santa Claus, that jerk! The last four Christmases he’s left me nothing but coal in my stocking, and absolutely zilch under the tree! I mean, sure, maybe I shouldn’t have left him that, ahem, present the one Christmas after he gave me Mega Blocks instead of Lego Blocks. I take it Exlax cookies and Ipecac-laced … Read more

Christmas Jokes for Kids: Kids’ Safe Christmas Jokes

Ho Ho Hooooly crap, is it Christmas already!? It is funny how the holidays sneak up on us. All the Christmas gifts, the shopping, the wrapping of presents, we can forget about the little tykes in our lives. Kids deserve jokes too! Below you’ll find a nice long list of clean jokes for kids, each … Read more