Romance: The Beginning

These funny bloopers are actual mistakes by students I have tutored in Conversational English, and are from my humor book.



Here are a few dating jokes:



I was walking to school one day, when suddenly a beautiful woman cut my eye.

I fell in love with her the first time I sawed her.

She had a husky’s voice.

I told her a joke and then she started smelling widely.

He had such a worm heart.

We were two sheeps passing in the night.

There’s a very strong chemical reaction between us!

My boyfriend is really a eunuch person.

I miss her but we keep touching each other over the internet.

I don’t know if he will propose, but I am expecting.

That night, we went skin dipping- Just the two of us!
You mean you went skinny dipping?
It is called skinny dipping? But I’m not very skinny!
Well, that’s what they call it if you go swimming nude.
What is “Nude?”
Nude means Naked. No clothes or swimsuits.
Naked? No! I would never skin dip naked! There are little slippery fish everywhere! We skinned dipped with our underwear over us.

She invited me to her teen sex birthday party.
It was so much fun!
She invited you where?
To her teen sex birthday party.
Um., I don’t think I understand.
Oh-I mean at her sex teen birthday party.
Oh- She invited you to her sixteenth birthday party.
Yes. Did I say something funny?



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