Stephen Colbert Anagrams

Stephen Colbert and The Colbert Report: Scrambling for Truth.For those who may have forgotten, an anagram is a word or phrase that has been made out of the same letters as another word or phrase, by rearranging the letters. This page has anagrams of terms and names from The Colbert Report. If you come up with any more good ones, please send them my way.


Here are some of Stephen Colbert’s Anagram’s


Truthiness: He struts in

Wag of the finger: Fight of new rage (or) Fight for new age

The Colbert Report: Let Bro protect her!

Stephen Junior- Cobeagle: Respectable enough. Join. (or) Unoticeable herpes jog.

Colbert Nation: Ban toilet corn (or) Rotten cab loin

Hey Nation: Hit anyone!

Stephen Colbert: Present to belch I’m just egocentricity.

Colbert sightings: Tightens Spines

Jon stewart: Rotten jaws

Americone Dream: A creamier demon

Bears and balls: Bad ass ran bell

Comedy Central: Lent Democracy (or) Lo, trendy Mecca



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