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Anagrams 2008 Elections: Presidential Primary Candidate Anagrams

I was browsing through and found a few sites, like this one that had some suggestions for candidate anagrams. A good anagram needs to sound logical, make sense, and if at all possible, fit the personality of the person (or at leat the perceived personality of the person). The two that I really liked from [...]

Stephen Colbert Anagrams

Stephen Colbert and The Colbert Report: Scrambling for Truth.For those who may have forgotten, an anagram is a word or phrase that has been made out of the same letters as another word or phrase, by rearranging the letters. This page has anagrams of terms and names from The Colbert Report. If you come up [...]

Top Internet News Anagrams of 2006

Here are the top 15 internet news anagrams of 2006, plus 35 runner ups. These are anagrams of some of the popular website news terms, topics and buzzwords of the year.(An anagram is a new phrase created by rearranging the letters in a phrase.) Top 15 Internet News Anagrams of 2006: 1. Microsoft – Google: [...]

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