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( Scoop) February 27, 2010 Washington D.C.

President Obama supports AppleGoogle’s purchase of both DiggMyDeliciousSecondLife and StumbleFark.

President Obama, answering videomail questions during a Pepsi Rose Garden press conference, expressed his confidence that AppleGoogle’s imminent purchase of both DiggMyDeliciousSecondLife and StumbleFark would only have a positive effect on the net.

According to court documents uncovered by, MS Yahoo has filed a legal briefing to fight the tri-merger on the grounds that “AppleGoogle is just trying to rub their superiority in our fading little faces.”

President Obama responded to a question about MS Yahoo’s objections by saying “We have heard this kind of rhetoric before. For instance, when AppleGoogle bought Sony, and TimeWarner, and Central America. Their acquisition of Youtube and later Facebook made possible today’s most popular internet destination: TubeFace. AppleGoogle can be commended for their noble bi-mission to consolidate the excessive overlap of redundant sites as well as to become the only possible stop for anyone wanting to advertise anything anywhere”.

When asked to comment, Vice President Edwards, who was also at the Rose Garden videomail press conference, responded, “I strongly and wholeheartedly agree with whatever the current President just said and will continue to support it once I am finally President.”

In related news, Starbucks shares fell dramatically today in the wake of AppleGoogle’s unveiling of a prototype of their new i-dot. Also known as Tri-dot, it is a revolutionary system consisting of a small podbase plus three nanotech dots placed behind each ear and on the chin or forehead. The system serves as a complete voice activated cellphone, ipod, PDA, Professor Google Instant Answer Portal, 24/7 life-cam, universal remote, Axe pheromone releaser and caffeine patch, among other functions.

*Due to the lack of dependability of making wild guesses about the future, news articles in InnocentEnglish’s “Scoop” section may or may not even remotely have anything to do with reality.



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