Anagrams 2008 Elections: Presidential Primary Candidate Anagrams

I was browsing through and found a few sites, like this one that had some suggestions for candidate anagrams.   A good anagram needs to sound logical, make sense, and if at all possible, fit the personality of the person (or at leat the perceived personality of the person). The two that I really liked from this site were:

 Hillary Rodham Clinton: Damn Chilly Iron Harlot

Joe Biden:  I need job.

And then a keeper from Slate was:

Tom Tancredo: Not Democrat.

I’m gonna take alook now and see if I can find a good one for a few of the others…

 OK, 248 hours later, we got:

Sen. Barack Obama:  A bareback mason.   (or) babe snack aroma

Governor Richardson: Song on Orchard River. (or) Roving rancher’s odor.

Gov. Romney: Venom Orgy (or) Groovy men.

Rudy Giuliani:  I, I gaudily run.

Senator McCain: Raciest con man (or) Sacrament Icon

Michael Huckabee: Uh, became ale hick (or) I became each hulk (or) He check emu labia

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