School 1958 vs Now: 1958 vs Now, How Times Have Changed

How times have changed in the past fifty years. Presidents have come and gone …. Entire countries have come and gone in that time. The formation of the EU, the collapse of Soviet Russia, so many major events have happened in the last 50 years. Not all of the changes have good though. While we’ve [...]

Politics Explained: Cows Explain Politics Simply

Current politics has you confused beyond all belief? Can’t tell socialism from feudalism, democracy from bureaucracy? Sick and tired of all the pundits and pacifists arguing on TV about who is what? Do not worry, we have you covered. Here’s our handy guide to the whole political spectrum, laid out in cows! Follow this manual [...]

Caption this picture of John Mccain’s after-debate freak out.

InnocentEnglish needs your help adding a caption to this authentic, unphotoshopped photo (we swear!) of John Mccain moments after the final Presidential debate Wednesday Oct. 16th 2008. Please post your caption in the comments section below. We’ll get them on the page ASAP. Thanks!

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