Hillary Wins New Hampshire in Dramatic Comeback

 (This post was formally titled: “Obama Will Win New Hampshire by 13 Points”).

In two New Hampshire polls that were released Sunday, January 6th, Barack Obama had a 10 point lead and 12 point lead over Hillary Clinton. Edwards trailed in third place about 5 points behind Clinton. In addition, Barack had been gaining a few points each day since his Iowa win.  Obamomentum was unstoppable. Right?  But here we are, election night, and Hillary has won in a dramatic comeback that defied all the polls. 

Maybe New Hampshire decided to proove the media wrong.  How could 10 seperate polls showing Obama around a 10 point lead- how could it be wrong?  Was Hillary’s moment of authentic tender tears an accidental boost? Was it the warm weather that brought out the older voters to overpower the young?   Whatever it was, it’s being called one of the most dramatic victories in modern political history.

Now, here is this post, as I wrote it  just 2 days ago, on January 6th.   Congrats Hillary. I’m sorry I doubted you.


January 6th 2008:

Iowa Changed Everything

 It is a whole different outlook than it was a week before Iowa.  The solidity of Hillary’s campaign is now beginning to crumble.  The likelihood that she will even still be competitive in two weeks is beginning to be in doubt.   With Edwards joining Obama in triangulating against Hillary, figuring he’s better off helping to knock her out of the race and then deal one on one with Obama, it’s two against one, and somehow, against all odds, with two men taking on one woman, she is considered the insider, old school, the old guard.  And the two men are both considered agents of hope and
change and the New generation.

 President Obama

With Obama’s solid New Hampshire win, and Hillary’s camp very shaken and in chaos, Obama will win the nomination.  He’ll beat McCain, who is old generation (McCain will have narrowly defeated Huc).  And Obama will be

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