Daily Quick Break: April 14, 2008: Free Jokes

Every day InnocentEnglish.com posts a new funny or cool Quick Break. The Quick Break section has today’s quick break plus previous ones so you can browse through any you missed. Quick Break Pic of the Day. Caption this Pic!   While most sites charge you $10, $20 or even $1000 per joke, for a limited … Read more

Leave a Joke on the New Joke Line

 SORRY- THE FREE JOKE LINE IS TEMPORARILY INACTIVE. WE’LL LET YOU KNOW WHEN IT’S BACK UP. Do you want to tell  a good  joke to hundreds, or even thousands of people? Call the InnocentEnglish Joke line (a toll free 1-800 number) and leave one of your favorite jokes, for site visitors to listen to.  Here’s a few quick … Read more