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Call this toll free number to leave a joke that will appear on the site for others to listen to.

Leave a Joke on the New Joke Line


Do you want to tell  a good  joke to hundreds, or even thousands of people? Call the InnocentEnglish Joke line (a toll free 1-800 number) and leave one of your favorite jokes, for site visitors to listen to.  Here’s a few quick details:

– You can call and leave a joke now. The joke line jokes will start appearing soon. 

– Maximum message length 1 minute.

– After you finish leaving your joke, you can hang up, or puch ANY key for other options, like listening to your joke or re-recording it.

- If you would like,  begin by saying your first name and city and state.  Then start telling your joke. (“This is Susan from Springfield, Oregon.  These two guys walk into a bar. Which is pretty stupid because you’d think the second guy would have seen it.” but hopefully your joke will be funnier!). Or just jump in with your joke.

– The free 800 number only works in the U.S.  To leave a joke from any other country,  from any PC, if you have or can borrow a  mic or headset, then you can record on Windows Sound Recorder: click “all programs” –> Accessories  –> Entertainment –> Sound Recorder. Then you can email the .wav file to   mailbryant(@) 

– All jokeline recordings become the property of InnocentEnglish.  Calling the joke line implies agreement with this. Very occasionally a joke may be edited. Not all jokes will by posted on the site, particularly ones that have strong language, strong sexual content or that insult any type of minority.

So, call in and share a joke! and check back in a few days to see if it’s up yet.