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Cute and Funny Animal Photos

Cute and funny pictures of species-bending buddies: puppies, kittens, baby squirrels, bunnies, baby birds, etc. living in harmony…

This little baby deer was orphaned, lost and alone, and hiding on this porch. This could be a disney movie…

cute orphan fawn

dog with baby deer fawn

dog with baby deer

Another cute little fawn…

cute baby deer

Are you sure you’re my Mommy?

Cute kitten with baby duckling

cute kitten with baby chick

It’s okay. You can trust me. I’ll play real gentle.

Big dog with little baby chick

dog with baby chick bird

This is so embarassing.Why couldn’t I have adopted the deer?

Cute Baby Hedgehogs

cute baby hedgehogs

I’m all warm and coooooooooozyyyyyyyyy. But my butt itches.

Dog adopts squirrel as part of her litter. Stranger things have happened in the world of animals. Actually, no, this is pretty much the strangest…

cute dog and baby squirrel

funny dog and baby squirrel

pic of cute puppies and baby squirrel

Cute Dophin and dogs

dolphin and dog

You wanna come over to our house and play?

Monkey Hugging Dog

Monkey hugging dog

Sometimes, a monkey just needs a hug…

And the grand finale of cross-species animal buddies:

kitten mouse bunny and dog buddies

I’m sooo confused! Are you supposed to be my best buddy or my lunch?

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Really Cute and Funny Pics of Baby Animals



Some Really Cute Pics of Baby Animals:



Cute Baby Arctic fox pups

dog with baby deer fawn

Picture of a cute tiny kitten in a hand.

cutest little kitty

Picture of an ugly, wrinkly skin, funny-looking dog

funny pic of wrinkle dog that looks like a towel

As he was finishing his shower, little did he suspect that exactly four seconds after grabbing the white towel, his life as a man would change forever.

Picture of Cute kitten Standing Up

cute cat- standing up stick em up!

Niiiiiiiice pit bull…. Niiiiiiice pit bull…. Goooooooood dogggggieeeee….. I hope your name isn’t Curiosity!

Cute picture of baby bunny rabbit

cyute baby bunny rabbit

I love hide and seek! I’m just not so good at it yet.

Cute pic of a puppy sandwhich

cute little puppy on bread

You think this is cute, do ya? Wait till you see the present I’m leaving you…

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