Lolcats 10: Funniest Captioned Cat Pictures

Lolcat #91: What?!?!?!?!? Lolcat #92: I’m in your gutter blocking your drainage. Lolcat #93: Do you mind? Lolcat #94: Invisible swimming pool. Lolcat #95: I’m doing your homework, labeling your continents. Lolcat #96: I’m in the dojo trying to beat morpheus. Lolcat #97: Invisible corncob. Lolcat #98: I’m an ewok. Lolcat #99: I’m going to … Read more

Pics of Cute and Funny Animals

    Some funny animal pics:     A very determined bear after a bird feeder. Geeze, why do these humans have to make it so hard? I ain’t no circus bear! A fearless fox diving into the snow Hmm, maybe I didn’t think this through so well. Maybe nobody is looking… Just act cool… … Read more

Cute and Funny Pics of Kittens and Puppies

    Here are some Funny Pics of Kittens and Puppies:     Huge Furry Pet Monster (I thought this was an alien species of cat, but the Sorensen Kids emailed me to say their scientific conclusion is that it is a the wild, elusive, Great White Himalayan Fur Bunny. (Or maybe a pet rabbit). … Read more