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Hypoallergenic dogs: Best breeds of dog for allergy sufferers.

November 15, 2008

Hypoallergenic Dogs: Can you own a dog if you are allergic to them?

President-elect Barack Obama will be looking hard for a dog before he enters the White House in January, but it won’t be any usual dog. The 45th president will be in need of a hypoallergenic companion. These are dogs that provide a reduced chance for an allergic reaction among individuals who would be prone to such. This is mostly because there is some quality in their coat that makes them less likely to shed, but there are other reasons as well. Here are some of the most popular hypoallergenic dogs that Barack Obama might be choosing from.

Bichon Friese -  This is one of the few dogs that have been recommended by the American Kennel Club for people with allergy problems. The reason is that its undercoat does not hold lots of hair and it is especially intolerant of dander. This means that the chance for an allergic reaction is relatively small.

Goldendoodle – From the “who would have expected this?” file comes the Goldendoodle. At first sight, this looks like the kind of dog that would make a person’s allergies go haywire, but it’s not. Despite its curly coat this dog is popular because it doesn’t shed. It is obviously a hybrid between a golden retriever and a poodle, so it is not the most common dog, but allergy sufferers are making this a popular choice.

Fox Terrier – For those folks who would like a more rugged, outdoors dog, the fox terrier is a good hypoallergenic choice. The reason is that this is one of the only dogs in world that does absolutely no shedding. With no hair around the house to enrage the senses, allergy sufferers in the Obama household would be protected.

Greyhound – The people who like to rescue greyhounds are doing a good deed, but they are also saving themselves the trouble of cleaning up dog hair. This is one of the most popular hypoallergenic dogs in the world. They are small enough to live in the house, but they have the make up and instincts to survive outside, as well. All in all, this is an excellent choice because their hair is so short that they rarely shed.

People looking for hypoallergenic dogs should know that there are quite a few options out there. In the end, it comes down to finding a dog that has a manageable coat because it is the dog hair that causes the most trouble for people with allergies.

Cute Kitten and Parakeet playing: Kitty and bird are best friends

Here is a very very cute picture of a sweet kitten best friends with a trusting parakeet.  They sleep together, play together, and relax together.  The parakeet sleeps on top of the kitten, and even kisses and prunes the kitten. Very very cute and sweet.

Very cute parakeet bird and kitten sleeping

Good morning Kitty. Wake up. Let’s play! 

 parkeet kissing kitten: cute parakeet bird and kitten cat playing and sleeping

Kitty! wake up! Let’s play!

 very cute bird and kitten friends playing

Hey, I’m trying to sleep here. Just a little longer? 

cute kitten and bird sleeping together

 How about if you lay down on me for a few minutes, and then I’ll get up and play?

 very cute little kitten and parakeet bird sleeping and resting

Okay birdy. I guess I’m ready. Let’s play. 

 cute kitten and parakeet playing

 I’m still a little sleepy but I’ll play with you. Got ya!

cute kitty and bird playing

 Hey, I’m waking up now! You’re gonna wish you never woke me up! You’re my best buddy!

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Scottish Terrier Puppy Pics and Info: Pictures and information about the Scottish Terrier Dog breed


Cute Scottish Terrier PuppyThere are certain dog breeds that you can picture alone, and others that you just have to see together. Scottish Terrier puppies, or “Scotties” as they are affectionately referred to, are dogs that you often see in pairs. These animals love to be together and they seem to relish the role of being a pet. Because of that and the fact that they seem to almost live forever, they are great house pets for the entire family. Most owners feel that the Scottish Terrier breed becomes a part of the family after a little while.
Scottish Terrier puppies are small, but they are extremely sturdy. They have a long, flowing coat of hair that usually requires grooming. In order for the breed to have its characteristic look, they have to be well groomed. For most owners, this type of care is required about once per month. As far as colors go, Scottish Terrier puppies normally come in dark colors. Dark grey and black are the two most common hues for these dogs.
Though these dogs have a nice look to them, people don’t generally buy them because of the appearance. What makes the Scottish Terrier breed so enviable is the fact that the dogs have personalities much like people. They are described by many owners as being dogs of high intelligence and high character. They are always full of energy and the scoot around the house so quickly that you can sometimes miss them. When it comes to protecting you, they don’t play around either. The Scottish Terrier breed is very loyal and extremely protective. They have a long standing tradition of serving as excellent watch dogs.
Like with most dogs, Scottish Terrier puppies must be effectively trained from a very early age if you want to have a good relationship with them. They need a strong owner who knows how to handle them with both care and with stern enforcement. Obedience training is not difficult, because they are extremely intelligent, but it must be enforced by both positive enforcement and negative consequences. They can learn both basic commands and tricks, as long as the owner knows a little bit about dog training.
Scottish Terrier puppies must be cared for a great deal, as they are prone to certain health issues. They have one specific issue that is so common that it was actually named for them. “Scottie Cramp” is a condition that is very painful and can sometimes restrict the movement of these dogs. It normally occurs in older animals, though.
Overall, this is a breed that relies on both its personality and its intelligence to get the job done. If you own one, you will want to own two. They can become a part of your family, given the appropriate amount of care and love.