Youtube videos of lucky people who almost died in terrible accidents- but didn’t.

The Best of Youtube: Luckiest Person Alive: Cool near death videos

here are some amazing youtube videos of people very lucky to be alive. They may be some of the luckiest people on the planet….   

This is a short and sweet, and very amazing youtube video of people who nearly got hit by a car, or nearly fell to their death, and other would-a-been fatal accidents that were narrowly avoided. Some great video clips here put into one snazzy video. Definitely worth watching.  I hope those people know how lucky they were to survive those close calls with death…

[youtube QHaBNStwp1A nolink]
And in this incredible crash, Don Renfrow is very very lucky to be alive and fine and limping away.  Really incredible crash video
[youtube SkslNN0GUa0&NR nolink]

And this bicyclist is lucky to be alive after a fast moving bus runs into him and over him.
[youtube lI1vw0-CVXk nolink]

Here’s another disturbing bicycle crash, where the guy walks away, with, it appears, only his pride hurt.

[youtube w3Km1jS2LD8 nolink]

And here are some people very narrowly escaping being crushed against a building by a car:

[youtube 0zY7nRR6L8Y nolink]

You have to admit, those are some of the luckiest people on the planet. Some amazing video clips of near misses and crashes and people almost getting killed.  I didn’t really believe in angels before these videos, but now I think I have to reconsider.

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